Karen De Voogd – Conflict Resolution
“Conflict is a normal human condition,” says Karen De Voogd, a conflict resolution expert.  Recognizing this fact, De Voogd's Domestic Harmonizer initiative aims to teach children how to peacefully and productively settle conflict. "Instead of asking 'what wrong with you'," De Voogd explains, "We teach children to ask 'what is happening that has you so emotionally agitated'"?

The Domestic Harmonizer program aims at middle schoolers and is a “gateway to innovative and intriguing” information about conflict resolution.
The program was started in 2012 by none other than Academy Award-winning actor Forest Whittaker as part of his non-governmental organization Whittaker Peace & Development Initiative. WPDI implements peace-building programs in conflict affected communities throughout the world, which are focused on training youths in conflict resolution and developing businesses in areas of conflict. WPDI's programs are currently operating throughout Africa, Mexico, and the United States. The program was introduced as the Domestic Harmonizer program in local school in 2016. Students at three elementary schools have already completed the course.

“We have two more schools signed up,” said De Voogd, “and we are looking for more.”
The Domestic Harmonizer Program is “rooted in restorative practices, the DHP works with students and teachers to build a deep understanding of conflict, and how to resolve it constructively in various context,” according to the DHP website. It seeks to bring together teachers and students and gives students a variety of tools to learn conflict resolution. 

For more information, please check out the DHP website: http://domesticharmonizer.org.