We are the Rotary Club of Redondo Beach
We serve our community around the block and around the world to improve the lives of people everywhere following the interconnected and interdependent Rotary Areas of Focus:
Promoting Peace
Fighting Disease
Providing Clean Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
Saving Mothers and Children
Supporting Education
Growing Local Economies
Protecting the Environment

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We meet In Person
Wednesdays at 12:15 PM
Bluewater Grill (Temporarily on Zoom)
665 N Harbor Dr.
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
United States of America
The meeting alternates between in-person and Zoom. Visiting Rotarians should check the club's website for the meeting schedule. For Zoom access, contact our Club Service Chair, Mike Stark, at michael@michaelstark.com
Redondo Beach Man of the Year Rotarian Michael Stark
The Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce honors Rotarian Michael Stark with the Man of the Year award. We are so very proud of our own Michael Stark for his nearly five decade of volunteering and dedication to serving the community he loves. Mike has served the people of Redondo Beach as the Reserve Commander for the Redondo Beach Police Department, using his time and talents to support the mission of safety of our amazing police department. He has volunteered at hundreds of community activities & events and has given selflessly with passion for decades to make Redondo Beach. Mike is the first to step up to handle any task our club asks of him, be it large or small, and has been a steady and steadfast source of kindness, compassion and dedication to our many projects. Congratulations, Mike! This is more than well deserved!

Redondo Beach Rotary Club News

August 25, 2021: Later this year the James Webb Telescope will go “no man has yet gone.” It will soar to the L2 Lagrange position 1.5 million  kilometers from earth. And there, it will allow astronomers on earth to peer to the very beginnings of the Universe!
Krystal Puga of Northrop Grumman brought us up to date on the multi-billion dollar project.
Currently, through the Hubble Space Telescope, which was put in orbit in 2009, astronomers can peer back 13.4 billion years. It’s fuzzy though. The JWST, which offers astronomers 100 times more power that the present great telescopes, will allow mankind to peer back to the very beginnings of the universe, believed to be located somewhere at 13.7 billion years ago.

July 2021
Sathie Khatun
Khulna, Bangladesh.

Dear members of Redondo Beach Rotary Club,

I hope you are well. We also started to move our life during the fewer infection of COVID but recently the 2nd wave with a higher infection and deaths have fallen us again in another disaster of livelihood crisis. You know we have a daughter. I’m happy with my family although have struggles with livelihood. But I have not given up the hope, my school has given me courage and lesson that there will be ups and down in life and we have fight to overcome the situation.


The Redondo Beach Rotary Club partnered with Vision to Learn, Beach Cities Health District, and the Redondo Beach Unified School District to conduct this year's program. In the Vision  to Learn program, eye examinations are conducted for returning students. The examinations, are provided free of charge and glasses are provided to kids who need them. 
Altogether, 22 Rotarians participated in the program. The Vision to Learn program is "held each summer on the South Bay Adult School campus where students receive school supplies for the coming academic year,"  said Bob Hockberger. More than two million children in the U.S. do not have the glasses they need to see the board, read a book, or participate in class.
Of the 143 students tested, 56 were referred to professionals -- opticians and ophthalmologist -- for detailed eye exams. Of these, 38 prescriptions for eye glasses were issued. Meanwhile, 87 youngsters passed the vision screening. In about two weeks, these 38 students will receive new eyeglasses. at no cost.                               
August  18, 2021: During Governor Javid's annual Governor's Visit this week, she handed out several awards. The awardees are (left to right) Nancy Weisel, President of the Rotary Club of Redondo Beach; Karina Pacific was named the Most Active New Member, she heads community service including taking on the club's Instagram social media; Larry Hashimoto was awarded The Being Kind Award for his work providing dental services to children in the South Bay Children's Health Center (Hashimoto has provided this service for several years); and Dr. Bob Hockberger was awarded The Community Impact Award for his work coordinating Vision to Learn program which allows school students to receive eye exams and glasses, if needed, at no charge. Also in the photo, (far right) Guity Javid, Governor of Rotary District 5280.
Seating for 70,000 people, standing 30,000 more.
Rotarians during Sunday's tour of SoFi stadium.
Wrap-around TV weighs 2 million pounds.
Charitable & Humanitarian Activities the
Rotary Club of Redondo Beach supports. Join us!
             Local Initiatives
Vision to Learnfree eyeglasses to all  South Bay schoolchildren who need them;
Music Mends Minds – Song therapy for    dementia and memory patients;
Free dental exams to South Bay families in need;
College scholarships for Redondo Union  students who are college-bound;
High School Vocational Scholarships for students who choose vocational education;
Project ECHO high school entrepreneur    and leadership training;
Meals on Wheels to stay-at homes adults due to disabilities and illness;
The Redondo Beach Police Reserves;
Community gardens & healthy classes  in a local "food desert";
Peace and conflict resolution initiatives  throughout the community;
Salvation Army to help prepare meals during Thanksgiving;
Meals for First Responders (Good Stuff Restaurants);
Backpacks for Kids in domestic violence programs;
Food & Clothing for Homeless in downtown L.A.;
Counting the homeless in Redondo Beach;
Beach Cities Symphony;
STEM Education Initiative;
Battered Women Crisis Center;
RFPD Domestic Violence Program;
Middle School Nutritional Training;
Buddy Benches at key locations;
Serving Thanksgiving Dinners through the Salvation Army;
Annual Bell Ringing fund raising for Salvation Army.
         International Initiatives
Worldwide Polio eradication (Rotary wide) -- since the mid-1980s, Rotary International has worked at eradicating polio worldwide. The dread disease is now only in Nigeria and Pakistan.
Girls' hygiene initiative in Kenya -- teaching hygiene to female students;
School uniforms for orphans in Africa -- often the first school attire for youngsters;
Literacy initiative in Guatemala - teaching reading & writing.
Education & female empowerment  in Bangladesh. southeast Asia - mothers teaching other mothers;
Life-saving neonatal equipment for      hospitals in Mexico - to give newborns infants a chance.
Clean water initiatives on Fiji Islands and around the world;
Remote Island Oxygen for pre-natal (multi club grant)
International Youth Exchange (Rotary wide)
Argentine prenatal ultrasound equipment (multi club grant)
Household Goods for Camp Pendleton military families (multi club)
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Annual Foundation & Club Elections for 2022-2023
Dec 15, 2021
Win at Aging: How to stay fit, free and love your retirement.
Jan 05, 2022 12:00 PM
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