Put on your favorite Zoom – worthy PJ’s, order a pizza (from your local joint) and
get ready for a one-of-a-kind experience playing Pictionary®!

      This fun-raising event takes place Wednesday, April 28th, 6:30-8:30pm. ROB ANGEL, the innovative creator
         of the phenomenally successful and iconic board game Pictionary®, will be with us to share his amazing journey
                 and to join participants in rounds of playing Pictionary. As a special bonus, he will present personally
autographed copies of his book “Game Changer” to some of the evening’s winners.


As a 26 year old waiter, Rob trusted his gut, drive and intuition. Within three years he took Pictionary to
the bestselling board game in North America, and shortly after, the world. Before he was done, he sold a
staggering 38,000,000 games.

For only $38/player ($1 for every 1M games sold) you can join us for this unique & fun opportunity.

Click Here for Event Details & to Register

                                                  Nancy Weisel                                                                                                                                           Jeff Weigel
                                             Fund Raising Chair                                                                                                                                  Event Manager

                                                (310) 994-4191                                                                                                                                          (310) 291-8541

Rotary Club Hears About Richstone Family Center
     Richstone Family Center is a non-profit organization located in the South Bay that seeks the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse victims, and domestic violence. "Every 10 seconds there is a new abuse child sexual abuse victim in the United States, and every 9 seconds a new incident of domestic violence is reported," said Roger Van Remmen, a board member with the Richstone Family Center. He added, "Everyday in the United States there are five children who die due to child sexual abuse."
     Remmen said that the lockdowns due to the COVID pandemic contributes to the problem. "When COVID started we had about 80 people in the program. We thought it would last two weeks. But it continued. Now we have 150 people in the program. The lockdown has presented enormous problems. Unemployment, anger and so on. Many people live in 1,000 square foot apartments.
     The Center started in 1974 and now has a budget of about $4 million per year.  Approximately 50% comes from private individuals and the rest comes from  foundations, government sources. It provides a range of services including classes & groups, community programs and school programs. "We provide services through telehealth and virtual therapy," Remmen said.
     "Unfortunately, we don't have a clear picture of child abuse because most  reports come to our attention from schools. With schools closed for the past year we don't get that information," he said.
     More information about the Center cane found at the link provided in blue below.
Rotary Club Awards Annual Service Above Self Awards to Four Redondo Beach First Responders
    The Rotary Club of Redondo Beach awarded “Service Above Self” Awards to four first responders this week. Two of the recipients, Joy Abaquin and Anastasia Papadakis, are Deputy City Prosecutors and work in the police department's Homeless Program.  A third individual, Officer Keith Turner, is with the Redondo Beach Police Department’s Community Service Unit and was also cited for his work in the Homeless Program. Police Chief Keith Kauffman, who announced the awards, noted the Homeless Program's impact in the community. "We've reduced the number of homeless in Redondo Beach from 201 individuals to less than 50.”  The fourth recipient, Kevin Coffelt, is retired from the Redondo Beach Fire Department in December 2020 after 38 years where he worked as an Firefighter/Paramedic.
Joy Abaquin is an attorney in the Redondo Beach prosecutor's office.
Anastasia Papadakis is an attorney in the Redondo  Beach prosecutor's office.
Kevin Coffelt, an EMT, is with the Redondo Beach Fire Department.
This Week's Act of Kindness
Welcome to the Rotary Club of Redondo Beach,
We meet Wednesdays at 12:30 p.m. via Zoom.  Guests and speakers wishing to
attend should contact George Schane, Membership chair,
 via email to obtain instructions of how to attend.
The Rotary Club of Redondo Beach Community Foundation Raffle Drawings
#1 Diamond ring appraised for $1,200
#2 Two-night stay (cleaning fee included) in a beautiful Catalina home value $1,000
mid-week stay and June-Sept is blocked out. It is good for a year
#3 A case of mixed carefully aged California Premium red wines (Sue’s cellar), value $886

AND a Total Wine Tasting Party in Redondo Beach for 20, value $500,
for a total package value of $1,386
#4 A case of mixed carefully aged small vineyard Calif. red wines (Jeff’s cellar), value $578
AND a Total Wine Tasting Party in Redondo Beach for 20, value $500,
for a total package value of $1,078. 
Plus “6” Bonus Gift Card Drawings
Bonus Drawings: (mostly South Bay restaurants)

Feb 24 $25 gift card to El Gringo

March 10 $50 gift card to Lucille's BBQ

March 24 $50 gift card to Good Stuff

March 31 Tito’s Gift Basket & $25 Charlies gift card

April 14 $75 gift card to Turquoise

April 21 two $50 gift cards to Grub Hub

April 28 Grand Prize Drawings
Bonus Drawing winners’ tickets will be reentered and eligible to win the major drawing prizes
Here's how to obtain your tickets:

Click here to purchase tickets (see above for details)

Note: you may enter a name for each ticket, or if left blank they will all be assigned to you.

Please forward to your friends and family.

Dear Members of the Rotary  Club of Redondo Beach,

It is a pleasure to send you Sathie Khatun’s letter and pictures.  In it she tells you more about life during the terrible early days of the Pandemic and life now.  It is clear that much of the reason why no one starved in her Community was due to the work of the Amarok Women who vowed not to let that happen.  There are many wonderful stories and your Club should be very pleased with your contribution to Sathie’s education which has made so much possible for her.  We cannot thank you enough!
Barbara Malara
Amorak Team


March 2021

Khulna, Bangladesh.

Dear members of The Redondo Beach Rotary Club,

I hope all members are well during the COVID-19 situation. I am encouraging our slum people for online registration of COVID 19 Vaccine which has been started from the first week of February in our country. Our government is getting the vaccines from SARAM Health Institute, Indian. I want to take COVID vaccine but the citizens under 40s are not allowed for registration. Our country will need about 180,000,000 vaccines for a single dose to cover every person which is a doubtful goal to achieve in a few years. Is it possible or the richest country will give us free to get rid of the virus?

Twenty-five  Amarok Mothers of our school are still working as health volunteer that people wash hands constantly, wear face masks and maintain social distancing as much as possible for them. It is really difficult to maintain distancing as we live in a small compound, use common washroom, well, kitchen and our rooms are adjacent. Presently the number of infections has decreased. One of the reasons could be the immunity among the people has improved to fight against the virus. We are telling people to take vitamin ‘C’ through food first then supplementary and for regular basis, zinc ‘B’, ‘D’ through sunlight and maintain family health & hygiene. Every day I take a sunlight with my family members for an hour. We are very lucky for getting SUNLIGHT from the early morning.

You will be happy to know that during the food crisis of lockdown mothers of our school played a key role that nobody died without food in our slum. We decided to help each other from our ability and encouraged others to share food with them who had nothing to eat for the day considering their work security. During that situation, our slogan is “SERVING the HELPLESS”. We ensured every child is getting food and there are many evidences that mothers offered a meal to a hungry child sharing her own food. In our slum 13 families were in extreme need of food but other families helped them as long as they could manage a job for earning. Almost every mother of our school has children of their own and we understand how much a mother loves to her child. From that thinking mothers of our school operated a

FOOD BANK for 16 hungry children for 4 months from September to December 2020. Now we are not continuing this but collecting a fund and depositing to use that to overcome if another challenge comes in the future. We are grateful to or friends Jumur and Janu Begum who initiated and leaded the initiative and later on others with the initiative. Our schoolteacher Nadira Parvin played a key role from behind that we could do it successfully. We all live in a close compound and have a good relationship with each other. Even some poor families donated handful of rice, pulses and sometimes an egg as their contribution. Mothers of our school like Amena, Jannat, Begum every day went out visiting the wealthier household for collection food for the FOOD BANK. The mother Amena says, “It was not begging rather asking for the hungry poor children, I did not feel shy to ask as it gave me a great pleasure.”

With love,


The guest speaker this week was Stephanie Sampson. She spoke about the Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP) which is a multi-billion dollar project to expand service at the Los Angeles International Airport. LAX officials describe the project as relieving "congestion for people traveling to and from the fourth busiest airport in the world and second busiest in the U.S." The project's main focus is to add a people mover to the airport, though to accomplish this task requires several additional components - five in all. Among them are a people mover light rail system and more convenient car rental facilities. For full details click here to visit FlyLAX.com/connectingLAX.
Charitable & Humanitarians Activities the Rotary Club of Redondo Beach supports.  Join us.
             Local Initiatives
Vision to Learnfree eyeglasses to all  South Bay schoolchildren who need them;
Music Mends Minds – Song therapy for    dementia and memory patients;
Free dental exams to South Bay families in need;
College scholarships for Redondo Union  students who are college-bound;
High School Vocational Scholarships for students who choose vocational education;
Project ECHO high school entrepreneur    and leadership training;
Meals on Wheels to stay-at homes adults due to disabilities and illness;
The Redondo Beach Police Reserves;
Community gardens & healthy classes  in a local "food desert";
Peace and conflict resolution initiatives  throughout the community;
Salvation Army to help prepare meals during Thanksgiving;
Meals for First Responders (Good Stuff Restaurants);
Backpacks for Kids in domestic violence programs;
Food & Clothing for Homeless in downtown L.A.;
Counting the homeless in Redondo Beach;
Beach Cities Symphony;
STEM Education Initiative;
Battered Women Crisis Center;
RFPD Domestic Violence Program;
Middle School Nutritional Training;
Buddy Benches at key locations;
Serving Thanksgiving Dinners through the Salvation Army;
Annual Bell Ringing fund raising for Salvation Army.
         International Initiatives
Worldwide Polio eradication (Rotary wide) -- since the mid-1980s, Rotary International has worked at eradicating polio worldwide. The dread disease is now only in Nigeria and Pakistan.
Girls' hygiene initiative in Kenya -- teaching hygiene to female students;
School uniforms for orphans in Africa -- often the first school attire for youngsters;
Literacy initiative in Guatemala - teaching reading & writing.
Education & female empowerment  in Bangladesh. southeast Asia - mothers teaching other mothers;
Life-saving neonatal equipment for      hospitals in Mexico - to give newborns infants a chance.
Clean water initiatives on Fiji Islands and around the world;
Remote Island Oxygen for pre-natal (multi club grant)
International Youth Exchange (Rotary wide)
Argentine prenatal ultrasound equipment (multi club grant)
Household Goods for Camp Pendleton military families (multi club)
Upcoming Speakers
Pajamas, Pizza & Pictionary Fun Raising
Apr 28, 2021 6:30 PM
ROI from Rotary Intl Projects in West Africa
May 05, 2021 12:00 PM
Covid-19 Update
May 12, 2021 12:00 PM
US Coast Guard South Bay Operations update
May 19, 2021 12:00 PM
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