August 19, 2020:  This Wednesday meeting of the Rotary Club of Redondo Beach was the annual meeting of the club’s  Community Foundation. Jeff Weigel, president of the Rotary Club of Redondo Beach Community Foundation, gave this report:

Up until February the things were progressing on an even keel, said Weigel. We worked on our structure and disciplines, we moved online accounting and we started an Endowment Fund. Walter will talk more about Endowment later.
Then in February COVID hit hard. It brought the cancellation of our annual fund raiser – our source of charitable funds for the year.
Thanks to the efforts of Jim Stickler, Laurel Cameron, Amy Zimmerman, Karen and a whole group of club member – our sponsors and donors stood behind us as we moved to an on-line auction. Through these efforts we were able to generate over $50K – equal to what we’ve raised in previous years.
Faisal and the previous board responded quickly to new COVID challenges redirecting funds - as a new board followed a new procedural to develop and submit a budget – that the Foundation quickly approved.
Challenges still loom in front of us.
Nancy Langdon and her Club her service chairs face the challenges of executing on projects in new disruptive environments and on being both disciplined and nimble as new needs arise.
Being disciplined and nimble is best served by solid governance. I want to thank Club Governance committee members: Michael Carmical. Jean Scully, Nancy Weisel, Eli Gauna, James Jackman, Jim Sheehy, Gayle Bailey and Karen Weigel. From the Foundation side: Jim Stickler, Vicki Raidel, Bob Hockberger and Walter Campbell.
Well over a hundred hours have gone into this effort. The foundation team reviewed, modified or generated seven policies and procedures and made our recommendations to the Club Governance Committee. Our board approved these documents and our recommendation. The documents, along with our financials posted in a public documents area. The club governance committee has made their recommendations to their board which is up for consideration tonight.
These policies and procedures not only document how we do things for new board members -they also provide the information Michael DeSantis needs as he works on how our foundation is viewed by independent rating services. A little later Bob Hockberger will go through the documents and how to find our Public Documents page. Michael DeSantis will talk about the rating services.
Right after this meeting Laurel started to generate an Annual Report targeted at potential donors and sponsors. In it, we will lay out in writing the case for “Why Rotary.”
This is what the Foundation is doing so far in support of Nancy Weisel, next year’s club president, in her search for ways of raising money in this upcoming challenging year.
Jim Stickler reported the extra funds we’ve held in reserve in case of fundraising downfalls.
Vicki Radel  talked about the Membership Annual Report distributed to each of you before this meeting.
It is a challenging year and all working together we will rise to the challenge.
click below to read the annual report: