Posted by Nancy Langdon on Aug 21, 2017
One out of every four children has a vision problem. Now, couple that statistic with this one: 80% of learning happens within the first 12 years of life. Finally, look around any school: Are a quarter of the children wearing eyeglasses?
Very often the expense an eye exam and the cost of prescription eyeglasses is standing between a child and his opportunity to get as much as he can out of his education. Vision to Learn is an organization, which provides free eye exams to all to school children throughout Southern California. If Vision to Learn discovers that a child needs corrective eyewear, families are notified. For families in need, Vision to Learn provides the eyeglasses free of charge.
The Rotary Club of Redondo Beach has partnered with Vision to Learn, Beach Cities Health District and Redondo Unified School District to give eye exams to Redondo Beach children at our area schools. This past Wednesday, Vision to Learn rolled in three mobile vision screening units–vans decked out in state-of-the-art eye examining equipment–to the South Bay Adult Learning Center. Families who qualify under the free lunch program were notified of their eligibility to receive a free eye exam, and if needed, a free pair of eyeglasses. Redondo Beach Rotarians aided the effort my giving initial exams and assisting with coordination.
Over 255 Redondo Beach schoolchildren took part. The goal of 75 pairs of eyeglasses was quickly exceeded and on this day alone, over 95 Redondo Beach schoolchildren will be heading back to school with new eyeglasses and a much better chance at success.