Posted on Nov 10, 2019
     Rotarian Mike Stark, a former commander of the Redondo Police Department Reserves, told assembled Rotarians that a growing crime in Redondo Beach is scamming or online theft. This theft is most common among people who are retired or over 50 years of age.
     “Typically, thieves call and claim they are from a utility company or the IRS.  They tell homeowners their account is frozen, and they must immediately send a personal check, usually to an off-shore bank in India or Africa,  to unlock the account.  Or they call in the middle of the night and tell you a relative has been in an accident and is in jail, and that you need to send money to bail them out. Once they have your money you will never see it again” he said.
     Don’t panic if you receive one of these calls, he continued, “ask for a  call back phone number or hang up on them.  Then call the Redondo PD and report the incident.”