July 2021
Sathie Khatun
Khulna, Bangladesh.

Dear members of Redondo Beach Rotary Club,

I hope you are well. We also started to move our life during the fewer infection of COVID but recently the 2nd wave with a higher infection and deaths have fallen us again in another disaster of livelihood crisis. You know we have a daughter. I’m happy with my family although have struggles with livelihood. But I have not given up the hope, my school has given me courage and lesson that there will be ups and down in life and we have fight to overcome the situation.



The word mother-teacher makes me happy and encouragement for work. I ‘m poor but happy with my teaching children and with my friends in school. We are suffering for last 18 months but doing very well with help from one another for our survival. You will be happy to know that we have formed 5 groups with Amarok and non-Amarok mother to monitor the activities of our slum. Every group has a lead and I’m the leader of a group. We watchfully look around our corner and identify people, children going out or attempting and activities which contradict with Covid rules. In the afternoon the group leaders meet together in a place and share our findings and aware the community with practical evidences. Interestingly we note down the good examples and behaviors as well to encourage others positively. We have talked to people and found the followings with some recommendations:

Going out for the livelihood needs are unavoidable but people can take protection and measures

- Young boys feeling boredom but parents and next-door children can do something together overcome it.

- All schools of our country are closed for about 16-month. The Micro Schools of Amarok Mothers are opened at home. Some closer children can attend and the graduate children of the micro-school will teach little children with games and fun.

- Food crisis and adjustment of meal are there, help others from your ability and in respectful manner.

- Developing linkage with NGOs and City Corporation that they provide support to the jobless people.

We have understood the importance of women in income. Sometimes depending on one’s income is insecure and full-time dependency on husband make the wife less important and disempowered like a subordinate to him. Our Mother School provides us skill development training that we can do something for our livelihood. You will be happy to know that now I am good at making dress for children and kids. By this tailoring work every week my net income is about 580 taka ($10) which is a great support for my family to ensure food. The good news, some of my friends are also supporting their family with their own income and they are valued. We also can see the women who have no skills and self-earning during the pandemic are struggling in some food crisis and there is conflict because of poverty. So, our education and skills development are important and we need education for all girls to be empowered in their future days.

My Micro School is running well. I am teaching them 5 days in a week. Now I’m teaching them in two groups with safety measure. My little daughter also learns in my little school. I make games, materials and tell them stories. At the end of my teaching, I make fun with them. I strongly believe that love, good behavior with children and education can make their life bright. You will be happy to know we are changing attitude and behavior of our husbands by sharing the awareness lesson with them. Many of our friends share in secret that their husband helps them in household work which was impossible in our earlier days and men still feel shy to share this. They did many wrong in their life because they were unaware and ignorant. I believe soon more men will understand and change themselves because the change in 25 families is not enough to make a big change. We have to work with the whole community for a sustainable change. When I see my husband cleaning dishes and cutting vegetables, I feel proud of him as a responsive husband. When all husbands and in-laws will understand and acknowledge our works that will be the real credit.

Thank you for your support to our school and to my education.

With my love,
Shathie Khatun