Webster gives the definition of a scholarship as “academic knowledge, learning.” With that in mind, The Rotary Club of Redondo Beach donated $5,000 to The El Camino Foundation to aid students attending the El Camino Collage with scholarships. “This fall we were able to award over $850,000 in scholarships,” said Andrea Sala, executive director of the foundation in a thank-you letter to past-president Jeff Weigel.
The Rotary Club scholarships went to students majoring in automotive field, architecture, nursing, etc.  Each of the students was a graduate of Redondo Union High School. Altogether five scholarships were awarded; each student received a $1,000 scholarship.
All five sent thank-you letters to the club. “More than just financial aid, the scholarship represents a belief in my potential and a vote of confidence in my aspirations,” wrote Michael Morgan, one of the recipients.  He continued, “I hope to one day to have the privilege of giving back to the community, just as you have done for me.” Other letters noted the scholarships aided with various expenses of attending college. All expressed gratitude to the club for the scholarships.