The Redondo Beach Rotary Club sponsors Sathie, a young women in Khulna, Bangladesh, through an annual donation to the Amorak Society. We recently received this update from Sathie about her progress.
Dear members of Redondo Beach Rotary Club,
I told you about my child “Jannati” and now she is over 5 years old.  Now she talks with me and asks me many questions. I can understand what she says even I could guess what she wants to say. My Child Development Lessons helped me a lot developing my daughter in a proper way. I am very caring for my daughter’s brain development through responding to her needs and questions. But before this child development lesson none of us has any idea about it. I share my learning with my family members and with other women in our community. Now my husband is also very careful to her. I know if I was admitted in Amarok Mother School it would not possible happen to our family.  By this time I come to know why first 3 years are important for a child for brain development. 
My own learning and teaching to children are going well. I am trying my best to learn more from my school that I can teach better. You will be happy to know that we have good news for our school. All mothers are very busy and enjoying education much better. We are very thankful to you and Amarok team. After a break I have hundred percent attendances in school in last 3 months. I don’t want to miss a single lesson. You know in our school we have got tablets for lessons. Now all mothers of our school can operate them well. Tablets are very helpful for our learning and teaching to children. We call this our knowledge book.  We have learnt many things from the consultants worked with us in last year e.g.
- Making quick test card for assessment
- Use of tablet for learning purpose
- Drama team developed
- Learning session on social issue like women rights and household conflict regulation
- Progress evaluation of children
- Taking photo and videos & edit photos
And some others
Among them I liked about “Learning Monitoring of young children”. Amarok team works with us. We identified different issues in our community and developed drama with our own issues. Now we are thinking to develop a new drama for protecting child from labor and promoting child rights. I believe a woman can do lot of things if she gets education. It is important to set a goal and then work hard to achieve the goal. 

You know about our school library, it is running well and every Sunday we exchange books. We have created opportunity for all women and children to take books from our library and to develop our library as our “community library”. This is a good opportunity for all and we all have to take it. We visit houses and tell to mothers about new books of our library, share our learning and encourage them to come and participate in our study circle. Now we are making new plans for our library activity. Developing reading skill for children is one of them. In my next letter I will tell you more about our new initiative 

Thank you so much for your support to the education of our children and mothers

Love to you,