Posted by Bill Paul on Nov 05, 2019
Dear members of Redondo Beach Rotary Club,
      This is always my happiness to tell you about myself. I am happy for teaching neighbor children. I hope you enjoyed my last letter. We are fine and hope you all are well and doing your daily work.
     Last week I went to a doctor with my daughter Jannati and met a man there who was also waiting for the doctor. I introduced myself and the man happily welcomed me. He is a very good person a Rotarian and shared with me about their Rotary Club and activities. I shared with him about our school and your club supports to our school. He said to me that he visited Canada to attend in a Rotary Conference. He became so happy to know that I teach little children and praised our works in community. At the end he asked me about the location of my school and committed to visit my school in someday.   
      You know about my days, livelihood, teaching to neighbor children and our community life. I also hope that you enjoy our news. Today I would like to tell you about the key points of my life and education. Before Amarok Mother School I never think that I can raise my voice for social issues and development. That time I thought it is the work for the local leaders. Raising voice against injustice and bad practice of society is not an easy task. Some people want to keep these bad practice alive and poor people have wrong believes. In our school we discussed about them and decided to go forward slowly. We started to hare with individual woman first then gradually covered with many in our community. Mothers of our school became united and raise our voice commonly and became courageous to talk about injustice and bad things.
     You will be surprised to know that some women in our slum were married in early age and became mothers. Many of them are living in broken health, some of them have jdivorced in few years or husbands left them away without any compensation. Talking to them we could see that they want to marry off their daughters in early age. At the start we were shocked that they had no learning in their life but tater on we realized that lack of education, awareness and not understanding the consequences are the reasons. We visited them several times and discussed little by little with them. And you will be happy to know that now those women join with us in our campaign against early marriage and dowry. As a poor family, my husband and I always work hard for our livelihood. In our busy time I am managing time to teach children and social works.
     You will be happy to know that couple of weeks before Local Government Representative visited our Mother School and talked with us. We were happy for the visit and raised our problems in slum.  He praised our school and our social works in community.
     Thank you for your support to me and to our school.
With my love and respect,