Dear members of Rotary Club of the Redondo Beach,   
My days are going well in my family and learning in school. My education teaches me how to live better with limited resources, with cohesion, be united, helping each other and sharing. Education does not only mean how to read and write; it has a wider meaning and impact in life which I have realized after being educated. When I think about my past, I can clearly remember that I used to do things which I cannot do now. For example, I thought little children need strong dominance, not to allow them to talk much or playing outside that could spoil children. But now after getting the child-development lessons, I am a different person now working in my community for changing the parents’ traditional attitudes towards child-development.   
Today I want to share a different story that made me sad. During the last Eid-Ul- Azha one of my well-off friends who lived close to our place requested me to accompany her. She wanted to buy some clothes for her relatives and children and dress for my daughters too as “Zakat”, a religious goal to support the poor. My friend thought I had good bargain skills and could help her to get quality dresses at a lower price. I agreed with her and went with her. In the shopping-center I saw many well decorated plastic models wearing nice clothes fixed aside the shops and in front. It was a little bit surprising to me as I had never been to such a market but I understood that they are to get the attention of the customers. Usually, the rich people go there to buy things. Suddenly, I saw a boy about 8 years old with no shirt on and bare footed. The boy was selling drinking water-bottles. I tried to talk to the boy but my friend discouraged me. I felt something in my heart, “The dolls are wearing nice clothes but a real boy has nothing to wear!”. However, as I was invited there by my friend, I did not dishearten her and followed her. She bought a lot of things including dresses and I helped her with my intelligence like comparing the price with other shops, quality of materials and prices.
The next day I went to the shopping center again and found the boy in an hour. I took some money with me and bought a normal shirt for the boy, also bought a plastic-sandal for the little boy and gave it to him from the street shops. I took some snacks with me for him. The interesting part of the story is, the little boy did not accept my gift and told me, “I don’t need it, I am fine with short pants. If I wear new clothes, people might not buy water from me. I am really in need of earnings; I have a sister older than me. We live with our mother; she sells water but she is sick for a few days. My father left us a year before”. I took his address and will meet his mother at a convenient time. I am poor but my heart is not. I want to support such children from my ability as it gives me joy and pleasure.  
Thank you very much for your support that made the difference in my thinking. 
With love,