Posted by Nancy Langdon on Sep 05, 2017

Sylvia Hill 

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Erick Golub

Speaker Eric Golub has made a career attempting to diffuse tense situations with humor. Self-styled as “the country’s preeminent politically conservative comedian”, Golub tours the country with his brand conservatively-leaning of humor.

“I try to make the most controversial topics uncontroversial,” the Brooklyn native and author of four books explained. “It shouldn’t take a hurricane to let us know we love each other,” Golub said in reference to Hurricane Harvey, which has been pummeling the Texas and Louisa coast this past week.

Golub likes to place himself right at the center of conflict and find whatever common ground may be there. Golub attends political protests and rallies to hopefully spread love through laughter. He often likes to bring dance music wherever he goes, because who can really remain that angry when great music is making you dance?

Golub has the following advice to end hate in this country: “Spread love and laughter. Don’t make mistakes that will take a long time to heal. And be good to children.”


Whatever one’s political leanings, these are bits of wisdom on which we can all agree.