Members of the American Martyrs Catholic Church in partnership with Catholic Outreach, an NGO, packed 200,000 meals for Guatemala. The event took place on November 11-12th.  The budget was $60,000 as each meal including shipping cost
The Redondo Beach Club volunteered ten of our members at one table for a two-hour shift on the 12th. This is the fourth time over the last two years that members of our Club have helped feed the poor.  Members in attendance included Vera Jimenez , Anita Stoddard, Laurel Cameron with her two daughters, Carl Walsh, Anne Shea, El Gauna, Galina Gilman and Chuck Anderson. Louis Nwoke volunteered on Friday
Picture of Group includes Monsignor John Barry who has been pastor at Martyrs for 50 years.  The Parish has sister city in Guatemala where they constructed a home.