The Redondo Beach Rotary Club annually donates to the Amarok Society toward its Adopt a Mother program. This year we sponsor Sathie Khatun of Khulna, Bangladesh. She recently sent us a letter updating her progress.  Click below to read her complete letter to the Club


 October 2017

Sathie Khatun

Khulna, Bangladesh.

Dear members of Redondo Beach Rotary Club,

This is my pleasure to write you again. We are fine and hope you are well too. You will be happy to know that now I am a mother of a new born baby girl just in last month. When I saw her it feels I am looking to an Angel and the rooms looks full of lights come from her. My husband is also happy for the girl. You know in our society husbands are not happy if the first child is a girl because everybody wants a boy. But I am grateful to my husband he had no choice and now very happy to have a girl child. 

In our Amarok my teacher Rahima often conducts sessions and follow up sessions on “Child development”, health & nutrition of pregnant mothers, new born care and on some other issues relevant to our life. In this case I am greatly benefitted from my school because I shared all my learning with my husband and we jointly did what should we do. So in my delivery of baby and so far I did not face any problem and my baby is well. I also completed all vaccination courses during my pregnancy and now will follow the vaccination course for my baby. I have good knowledge on child development, I know about brain development, about food & nutrition, loving to little children, playing with children and no punishment to a child and certainly will follow growing my baby girl. I would like to thank you all and Amarok for giving us such opportunity to develop our knowledge and education.

I told to you about my younger sister ‘Eti’ and 4 other children I teach. Last few months I could not continue my support for them regularly. But now I have started to teach them like before. I also joined in my Mother School but for shorten time. I request my teacher and leave little early. I am expecting from next month I could stay for full 2 hours. The children I teach are doing well as my friend taught them during the days I was unable. One of my students is “Jaher Ali” 8 years old is very good, he also teaches little children than him. ‘Jaher’ can read and write well, sometimes he write something from his mind and take it to me to make comments. He can draw nice pictures and a good singer. Now we are doing place value of number in math with my children. Number is like a human being when s/he is in a place has a value but in a different place a different value for example when I am at my home I am a mother or wife of my husband but when I am at my school I am a student. In math numbers have same way different value based on their position. I become so happy and proud when I think about my present knowledge, which was unbelievable to me before my times in Amarok Mother School. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.

With love and respect,