(REDONDO BEACH, California January 4, 2017)
Vicki Radel led the meeting in Alexis Sheehy’s absence. 
Vicki began the meeting by reading a letter from the Salvation Army, thanking our Rotary Club for its generosity during the holiday season.
Jim Stickler led the club in singing Happy Birthday to Vicki.
George Schane announced that more volunteers are needed to deliver Meals on Wheels, and circulated a sign-up sheet.
This Saturday we will be going downtown to help the homeless. George Schane will be driving and he has room for passengers—please contact him if you need a ride. Donations of clothing and small toiletry items are appreciated.
Jim Stickler announced that on Saturday January 28th, there will be a garden clean-up at Perry Middle School in Gardena. Gardeners and their implements are needed!
Jim Chen told us that Ernie O’Dell received a new heart and is doing well. He has been returning calls to his cell phone, so good wishes are welcome.
Pearl Davis is still at Little Company of Mary and would like to have visitors. Although her memory is weak at times, she loves to reminisce.
Jim Stickler announced our guest speaker, Julie Coll, founder and CEO/Executive Director of Waterfront Education (previously King Harbor Boating Foundation).
Julie’s vision of gender equality regardless of socioeconomic background is the cornerstone for Waterfront Education’s community mission. By utilizing nature’s local waters to create hands-on STEM and STEAM learning experiences, Julie hopes to share her passion for the ocean and instill an understanding of the urgent need for its stewardship and conservation.
Julie Coll and Mark Hanson founded Waterfront Education in 2012 with a passion for educating on the water. Julie noted that people, particularly children, get out on the water and start to develop confidence while they come to appreciate and embrace nature.
Our harbor is unique. Being small and not commercial, it is great for beginners on the water. The ocean access is very near, and cool things happen in our harbor. For example, we have a thriving sand dollar colony!
Julie shared a slideshow of students enjoying waterfront education. She told us that her organization seeks to design programs that enthuse and inspire with STEM (Science, Technology, Education, Math) and STEAM (Science, Technology, Education, Arts, Math) programs based on hands-on learning.
Waterfront Education has a hub at SEA Lab, from which they run programs with the help of businesses in the community who want to help get people into the water while learning as well as having fun. STEM Sailing with South Bay Sailing is one of their business community collaborations.
Waterfront Education is committed to recreation and education; for example, sailing while learning. STEM classes that they teach are relevant to their local students. For examples, plate tectonics provide a topic of interest for Southern California residents.
The core values of Waterfront Education include safety, respect, stewardship, equality, fun, innovation, collaboration, community, leadership, and discovery.
Julie shared details of a few classes that they teach, including Lobster Hunt, Tinker Time, Explore & Discover, and WE can SEA Filmmaking. They also teach a large class with SEA Lab called Discovery at Sea.
Students are currently mostly home schooled from kindergarten to the eighth grade. Seventy-five percent are male and 25% are female. Most are local, but some travel over an hour to get to classes!
Waterfront Education is funded by fees for services, corporate sponsors, grants, family foundations, and individual donors.
Future plans include developing a scholarship program to extend beyond a one-mile reach, launch an adult program, create a STEM event/competition, and equip the marine innovation lab.
Final Notes:
Karen Weigel won the raffle, but not the red marble.
The Flag Salute was led by George Schane. Our greeter was Rolando Andrade. Vicki Radel’s inspiration was inspired by the concept of Gratitude. Bob Hockberger and Jim Stickler delivered Meals on Wheels. Guests were Athena Marano, Ivy Wheeler, and Connie Siegel.