Posted on Feb 26, 2020
 Dad, in this story Rotarian Dr. Bruce Logan, gave a craft talk about his profession - and the years of study he's under-taken. Meanwhile, the daughter in this 

story Kimber Logan, gave an inspirational talk about her experience as a counselor with the ANASAZI Foundation.
The Foundation was started in 1988 to "help parents and children to work in harmony in the wilderness of the world." It is a     The foundation was start in 1988 to "help parents and children turn their hearts to one another, begin anew, and walking program based in the Tonto National Forest near
Mesa, Ariz. Walk, yes, Kimber told us that participants, mostly young people estranged from their parents, in groups of nine with a counselor, walk and camp in the forest and desert for two months. Participants are not allowed to communicate with 
friends for the duration,
although parents are invited along for a couple of days.

Among the principles guiding the ANASAZI "Young Walker's" program are acknowledgement of the Creator in all good things, recognizing that
each YoungWalker is part of a family, honor each family's personal faith and traditions, provides opportunities for each YoungWalker to leave behind the old and begin anew. and teaching survival skills to create opportunities to listen, learn, discover and teach. Click here to learn more about the ANASAZi Foundation.