Posted on May 13, 2020
In spite of having to cancel the Bootleggers Ball, the online auction held in its place “cleared about $55,000,” said webmaster extraordinaire Jim Stickler.  He noted the breakdown for the numbers was $12,105 in bidder donations, $20,500 from corporate and personal sponsorships and $22,225 from the on-line auction. Five items were not bid upon.
According to Stickler, “We raised $1,200 specifically for the Covid Relief Fund that will go towards supporting the efforts to help local people in need due to the current crisis.”
Subtracting the cost of software, he said, “Our net available for next year’s charitable projects is $51,921. This amount does not include any carry forward from the current Rotary year.”
The facility fee of $10 per club member per meeting will be addressed at the next board meeting.  “Because these are monies that are in the Club, we should not move them to the Foundation without ensuring that the Club is financially healthy.: Stickler, the immediate past president of the Club added, we should have “a minimum of 30 percent of the annual operating budget of the Club as a cushion for unforeseen events.”
He added, “This was a wonderful effort by the Club members and the community to help us support the local and international community during this pandemic.”