Capturing Your Stories
Feb 27, 2019 12:15 PM
Judith Norton
Capturing Your Stories

Judith  Norton received her B.A. in Speech Communications from California State University Long Beach, continued studies at the USC Annenberg School of Communication and earned her Master of Education degree from CSU-East Bay. She has a background in teaching at the college level and as a corporate trainer. Later in her career she became involved in instructional design, specifically designing courses for online learning.

Quite by accident she started creating memory books for the aging parents of baby boomers. A new design focus was formed when she realized how much she enjoyed learning about her clients’ lives. She’s gone on to create printed coffee-table books for their families that include access to their oral histories. This is a priceless keepsake for families.

The focus of her presentation will be a do-it-yourself approach to telling your story. She’s available if an individual needs her, but her main focus is encouraging individuals to tell their story.

As we age gracefully, we realize the importance of telling our story for our families. What do we want to share with them? What nugget of information will explain where they came from? What would you do differently? And, what would you do more of? Perhaps it's time to tell your story.