Oct 13, 2021 12:00 PM
Dr. Tanyss Munro - Co Founder and Exec. Director
Amarok Society
Gem and his wife, Dr. Tanyss Munro, founded the Amarok Society in 1992 to support their efforts in providing education to First Nations children that were not being adequately served by the existing school system. 
The Munros then set their sights on improving the prospects of the poorest people in Bangladesh. 
Disregarding the perceived wisdom of many developmental assistance agencies they initially sought support from, Tanyss and Gem  determined that by teaching the mothers of young children they'd be reaching the segment most invested in their children's success.  
These women are required to take what they've learned and teach at least five children, thus empowering the most undervalued demographic of the region.  
The successes achieved by this program have had profound effects on how citizens in the area view education and their women.  
In addition, the people have been provided with a competing narrative to those professed  by fundamentalist extremists in their midst.
Those wishing to learn more about the Amarok Society or make a contribution can do so via their website, www.AmarokSociety.org.