Craft Talk
Jul 27, 2022 12:25 PM
Louis Nwoke
Craft Talk

Who is Louis?  I am someone who reflects a varied personality including being goal oriented, having uncommon integrity, working with passion, critical thinker, persistence, quality focus, interpersonal versatility, serial entrepreneur who enjoys the generosity, thoughtfulness and simplicity life has to offer. Very humble and private yet determined, vigorous and pleasantly calm. Strongly advocate for the underprivileged with unmatched believe in services to humanity and doing it through God because nothing great comes easy and with God everything is possible.

Avid runner with 40 attempted and completed marathon.

Skillful soccer player. Unfortunately, I have not played since outbreak of Covid-19

Former Redondo Beach AYSO Soccer Coach and Referee

Louis Nwoke was born to His Royal Highness (HRH), the Late Eze Shedrick Ironkwe Nwoke and late Lolo Patience Iwenlie Nwoke in 1960.

I had a wonderful upbringing filled with joy and happiness.

We lived in a big compound with lots of children.

I'm the 15th out of the 18 children born by my father, as he had 3 wives and the 4th out 6 children from my Mother of blessed memories.

In fact, my uncle was married to 5 wives and my grandfather had 7

My Father also had 8 known mistresses whom he supported financially and otherwise.

He was able to support all of us because he was extremely wealthy. He sat on the Board of Directors for multiple companies, the most prominent amongst them being AGIP Petroleum. My Father was the sole monopolist to transport all their refined products in Nigeria.

On the other hand, my mom controlled the sale and distribution of all food products in the Umuahia Railway Station. If you bought any food from that station, you were buying from my mother.

I came to the US in 1983 for the first time, against the advice of my dad. He wanted me to study law at a Nigerian University, while my mother wanted me to go for business, accounting, or economics in America. As it turns out, my mom was right is insisting that I come to America, as 6 months after, my dad died. His will was forged by my stepbrother, all assets were frozen, and no money was coming to pay for the schooling of me or my other siblings.

Life as I knew it took a 180 degree turn. From privilege and wealth to poverty and destitution.

More to follow......