Managing Depression During Social Distancing
May 06, 2020 12:30 PM
Glenn Hemanes
Managing Depression During Social Distancing

Glenn Hemanes, of the Playa Venice Rotary Club put together a presentation on "Managing Depression During Social Distancing”.  His club used it as a topic for one of their Zoom club meetings.   

His consultantcy practice also specializes in creating presentation decks for start-ups

Glenn's empathy stretches beyond his work as a graphic designer -- he is focused on actively helping others manage depression. Glenn himself lives with persistent depressive disorder (PDD), and the medications prescribed were not effective. Over the years, he's discovered behavior modifications to be the most effective in managing PDD. Glenn has begun to openly share his experience with PDD as well as the 10 principles he has used to manage depression, which is needed now more than ever during this time of prolonged social distancing.