Walk in, Dance Out!
Feb 13, 2019 12:15 PM
Luz Diaz
Walk in, Dance Out!

Luz Diaz, instructor of Walk In Dance Out, is especially known for her graceful, joyful, and elegant dance abilities and has been applauded by her dance community for her teaching approach. Her vision is to "Enhance relationships through dancing" by encouraging feelings of joy and wellbeing, facilitating romance and true friendships.

If you want the fun and romance of Ballroom dancing, call on Luz. Luz after competing and obtaining first place in the 1984 California Emerald Ball, and under the rigorous training of the iconic Lou Schreiber, World First Place Winner- Teacher Competition, representing Arthur Murray Dance Studios, she learned how to teach Ballroom, and realized that social dancing is more fun and has continued teaching dance with passion and humor for over 30 years. However, her student’s testimony is the best part of her curriculum, from “Thank you for bringing dating back into our lives; it gets more fun dancing with each other!” to “Every time I walk in [into the dancing hall] I start feeling happy” or “I have been to cruises around the world because I’ve learned and it is fun to dance.” 

Through the years Luz has served as a hospital chaplain and a grief counselor in the greater Los Angeles area. Since retiring, she volunteers with the local organ and tissue donation organization.  She holds degrees in MA, EdS and a Certification for Bioethics Studies from Loma Linda University, California. Her love for humanity, however, has found its best expression in her dancing and in her teaching, making the joy of social dancing available so others can Walk In and Dance Out!