PDG Mendoza Delivers Annual Update
   REDONDO BEACH, CA) November 5, 2014 "Over the last five years this club has contributed $21,000 for Global Grants," he said, "and with the participation of other clubs and The Rotary Foundation, that has generated $455,000 in humanitarian projects around the world. We've participated in projects in India, Mexico, Colombia, Tobago, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Fiji," said PDG Rick Mendoza.
The Rotary Foundation was started in 1917 by RI President Arch C. Klumph who proposed an endowment for the purpose of doing good in the world. The first grant awarded, in 1927, was to the Cripple Children Foundation which later became the Easter Seals Society. The “End Polio Now” campaign has raised over one billion dollars. We are 'this close' to ending Polio," he said, holding up the now familiar one-inch spread between his thumb and forefinger!
The Rotary Foundation distributes funds one of two ways under its new grant model. It offers District Grants and Global Grants. District Grants tend to be for smaller local projects such as the Teacher Mini Grant Program, Vision to Learn, etc.  Individual Rotarians can apply for these grants through the Grants Module section of the District 5280 website.  Global Grants generally will require partners and the grant must be for at least $30,000.
Mendoza then outlined several giving programs: "A $1,000 donation gets you a Paul Harris Fellow recognition.  And it can be for a combination of points and dollars," he said. Cash, checks and credit cards are all very acceptable.

"Paul Harris Society members pledge $1,000 every year, Major Donors are recognized for one time contributions of $10,000, and we have 10 in the club.  In fact we have 15 members who have left a $10,000 bequest in their wills. Donations of over $25,000 allow the donor to direct the money to specific needs.

"For a donation of $250,000 or more you become a member of the Arch Klumpf Society.  We have one member, Ted Wendorff, who has done so." Rotary has many contributors of over $1,000,000 around the globe.
Mendoza distinguished between the work of The Rotary Foundation sponsored by Rotary International, and the local Redondo Beach Rotary Club Community Foundation sponsored by our club. 

"Each dollar contributed also generates one matching point. We have 32,000 matching points available in our club," he said these points can be matched with hard dollar contributions towards Paul Harris Fellow Award recognition.

"I want to see every member of our club donate at least $100 to the Foundation yearly," He said.  "Last year 62 members of our club donated to The Rotary Foundation – our per capita giving was $218.00."