Karen Weigel
International Service Chair

The range of Rotary activities in international service varies widely. Whether it be children at risk, individuals with disabilities, health care, international understanding, literacy, population issues, poverty and hunger, environmental issues or urban concerns, Rotarians take an active role in providing humanitarian assistance around the world. Activities are humanitarian in nature and always non-political and non-partisan.

For example, for the past two decades Rotary International has been the lead NGO in the fight to erradicate polio worldwide.  When the Rotary took on this impossible dream more than 500,000 cases of polio were contracted annually worldwide. Last year less than a thousand cases were reported. This year about 100 year-to-date! Rotarians have provided more than half a billion dollars in this worldwide fight. The fight has taken Rotarians to Southeast Asia, India, Pakistan, Africa, South and North America, indeed worldwide regardless of politics and national boundries.

 During the 2010-2011 Rotary year, our club is participating in a project to install dental equipment in the Dominican Republic, an exchange program to bring Japanese students to the U.S., and a dermatological nurses training program in Fiji.

 In Redondo Beach, here are the several community projects our club has supported with our volunteer labor and funds during recent Rotary Years:

La Paz Fire Academy
Shelter Box Disaster Relief
Fiji Scabies Control Project
Mexico Medical Supply Project