The Healthy Rotarian Program is an ongoing program (January through June 2019) to promote healthy diet and lifestyle education for Redondo Beach Rotarians. The program will include regular mini-programs (3-5 minutes) at the weekly luncheon on topics such as diet, exercise, healthy cooking, and other health related topics. Additionally, those that want to go deeper may join in a private challenge group to work together on their personal diet and exercise goals.  
The goal of the program is to educate RBRC Rotarians on healthy lifestyle choices. Some may want to lose weight, some may want to start a regular exercise program and those that don’t want to do either will at the very least learn more about a healthy way of living.  Rotarians are leaders and can make a significant impact on their friends and family by embracing healthy lifestyle choices
  • Kickoff program in January (10 minutes)
  • Voluntary Heathy Rotarian challenge group
  • Bi-weekly short program by RBRC volunteers to HR Program
  • Healthy Rotarian table for information and handouts
  • Two (or more depending on speaker availability) full programs
  • Bi-weekly short testimonials by challenge group participants
Volunteers (Mini Programs)
  • Allen Peters, MD
  • Jeanne Peters, Registered Dietician
  • Robert Hockberger, MD
  • Bruce Logan, DDS, MAGD
  • Jim Mellert, DDS
  • Larry Hashimoto, DDS
  • Nasrin Moghadasian, D.C., F.I.C.P.A.
  • Vera Jimenez – healthy meal prep/cooking
Challenge Group
The Challenge Group will be a self-directed program where participants will develop and implement their own diet/exercise/lifestyle program and meet on a regular basis with the Group to report their progress and encourage other Group members. The information shared at the meeting will be confidential. Download the Challenge Group Form