Scoring at the US Opens for the US Golf Association
Mar 21, 2018
Sue Johnson
Scoring at the US Opens for the US Golf Association

Sue Johnson was born in Cleveland, Ohio.  She got her BA from Wittenberg University and Masters degree from Kent State University.  She moved to Manhattan Beach, California in 1996 when she got married.

While in Cleveland, she taught Junior High and Middle School Mathematics for 25 years.  She received Math Teacher of the year award from both the Greater Cleveland Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  

Sue loved to use her mathematics skills in helping with scoring and statistics for various sporting events.  She started working professional golf tournaments in 1973 and started travelling to help with scoring on the Champions Tour in 1989. 

Sue Johnson has been involved with helping with professional golf tournaments since 1973.  She started travelling for PGA tournaments starting in 1989.  In 1996, Sue started working with the USGA at the US Open Championships, running Scoring Central.

Sue has already spoken about how the scoring at championships is done.  She will relate some of the behind the scenes stories about the 2017 US Opens.