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MISSION: The Redondo Beach Rotary Club Community Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of community life in Redondo Beach and its neighboring communities.  Our mission is to provide support to local organizations and programs that enhance the well-being of community citizens, strengthen relationships and goodwill within the community, promote high ethical values and champion the Rotary ideal of service above self.

FOUNDED: December 7, 2007.

ORIGINAL Board Members:  Ted Wendorf, Terry Bichlmeir, Pat Cashin, Larry Hashimoto and Colette Paul, President of the Redondo Beach Rotary Club.

When the permanent board is elected and seated, the Foundation will finalize a permanent set of bylaws.  The board voted to not disbuse any funds from the new Foundation until at least $50,000.00 is raised, with the exception of a small percent that must be dibursed annually as required by federal law. 

(CINCINNATI, OHIO) October 15, 2014 --  Following an 9 month wait, the Internal Revenue Service has finally issued a Letter of Determination to the Rotary Club of Redondo Beach Community Foundation.  Dated Sep. 18, 2014, the letter clarifies the club's foundation is a "public charity."  It states:  "We are pleased to inform you that upon review of your application for tax exempt status we have determined that you are exempt from Federal income tax under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code." The letter notes the Community Foundation is "qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106 and 2522 of the Code."

 "That means we are back in business and able to once again accept tax deductible contributions for the benefit of our community" said Terry Bichlmeier, secretary of the Foundation.

(REDONDOI BEACH)  February 29, 2012 -- By a unanimous vote of the club, Dr. Allen Peters was elected to the board of directors of the club's Community Foundation.  In addition, Past-president Bill Paul came off the board and club President Steve Scerra assumed a position on the board.  By board policy the current club president is automatically a board member of the club foundation as of December 31st of his or her year as president and remains on the board until the following December 31st, at which point he or she rotates off the board to be replaced by the then club president.

(REDONDO BEACH) June 22, 2011 -- The Board of Directors of the Rotary Club of Redondo Beach approved a motion to transfer 50% of the remaining funds left in the club's account at year end to the club's Community Foundation.  Year end in the world of Rotary is June 30th.  It was estimated, based on payment of several outstanding invoices, that up to $24,000 will be transfered.

(REDONDO BEACH) February 9, 2011  --Colette Paul and Ted Wendorff were reelected to two year terms for 2011 and 21012.  Treasurer Bichlmeier reported the Foundation had an income of %5,050 in 2012 and no expenses.  Contribution receipt letters were mailed in December 2012.  The Foundation has current cash assets of $7,807 with no liabilities on the books.l  We need to file our tax returns.

(REDONDO BEACH) November 11, 2009 -- Three years after launching the Redondo Beach Rotary Club Community Foundation, the Internal Revenue Service issued the long-awaited letter of determination.Receipt of the letter means the club's foundation is now a legally, 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.  Click here to view the Letter of Determination. Contributions to the Foundation should be made out to the Redondo Beach Rotary Club Foundation and submitted to any member of the Foundation Board (James Jackman, Terry Bichlmeier, Pat Cashin or Ted Wendorff) or to Club Foundation Chair Bill Paul.

(REDONDO BEACH) Nov. 11, 2008 -- Board members met tonight and adopted a new logo for the Foundation (see above).  the logo was created by members Gay and Rob Swaine. The Board also worked to provide proper documentation to taxing authorities to ensure the tax-exempt status of the club's Foundation.  A donation of $360.00 was made to the Foundation by Bill Paul who collected the money via $10.00 donation by numerous members who won the consolation prize rather than the full amount in the weekly raffle.

(REDONDO BEACH) Dec. 12, 2007 -- Elected officers of the Redondo Beach Rotary Club Community Foundation for the 2008-09 Rotary Year are: Dr. Ted Wendorff, president; Terry Bichlmeier, secretary/treasurer; Pat Cashin and Colette Paul, directors; Dr. Larry Hashimoto, club president.

(REDONDO BEACH) Dec. 7, 2007 -- The first-ever board meeting of the newly formed Redondo Beach Rotary Club Community Foundation was held the evening of December 7th at the offices of Bichlmeier Insurance.  Present for the meeting were Dr. Ted Wendorff, president, Colette Paul, president of the club, and directors Pat Cashin, Chris Moran and Terry Bichlmeier, secretary-treasurer.