March 2018
Connie Sullivan
Mar 28, 2018
Citizens Climate Lobby
Dr Michelle Charfen
Apr 04, 2018
Centered Living: Transforming Conflict with Compassionate Communication
Henry Washington
Apr 11, 2018
RB Rotary Collaboration with Peary Middle School
Curt Mahoney
Apr 18, 2018
Redondo Beach CERT Program
Mama Hill and Abdur Rahman
Apr 25, 2018
Dealing With the Needs of Children
Jeff Weigel
May 02, 2018
Annual RBRC Community Foundation Meeting
Estera Borsca, MA, LCSW
May 16, 2018
Peace Conversation Facilitator Program
Thais Viana
May 23, 2018
Craft Talk
Place TBD
Jun 06, 2018
Rotary Club of Redondo Beach Community Foundation Scholarship Awards Reception
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The Rotary Club of Redondo Beach 
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Service Above Self

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Large Club of Excellence

At the 2016 Annual Rotary District 5280 Conference in San Diego, the Rotary Club of Redondo Beach was named the District's Large Club of Excellence.
Rock 'n Roll Casino Night 2018!

Mark your calendar now for
Rock 'N Roll Casino Night!


The Redondo Beach Rotary Club's 13th Annual 
Casino Night Charity Fundraiser

April 21, 2018      6:30 - 11:00PM

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Redondo Beach

Casino Games    Great Food  Dancing    Live music by Feed The Kitty    Silent & Live Auctions
Tickets: $95
Includes Self parking & 2 drinks
Contact: Karen Weigel
Jim Stickler  Casino Night 2018 Chair

Redondo Beach Rotary Club News

Members of Rotary District 5280 Peace Committee were among the 800+ passionate Rotarians and friends, who gathered in Vancouver 2/9-11 to learn about the challenges and seize the opportunities to create a more peaceful world through environmentally sustainable efforts.
Sculptor - Peter Lattey with "Peace". The sculpture was auctioned to support Rotary Peace Centers
Redondo Beach Rotary has started a program to bring music to seniors with memory issues.  Music Mends Minds has turned into a popular program at the Anderson Park Senior Center.
The Redondo Beach Rotary Club annually donates to the Amarok Society toward its Adopt a Mother program. This year we sponsor Sathie Khatun of Khulna, Bangladesh. She recently sent us a letter updating her progress.  Click below to read her complete letter to the Club
Rotarians, Vision To Learn, RB Unified School District and Beach Cities Health District delivered eye glasses to Middle School and High School Students today. Together almost 100 students will be able to start their school year with better vision.  Better vision has been shown to be a critical factor towards success in school.
The UN declared September 21st as International Peace Day in 1981 and the District 5280 Peace Committee hosted perhaps the only Peace Day event in LA County when the Rotary Clubs of the South Bay: Del Amo Torrance, El Segundo, Hawthorne, Hermosa Beach, Lomita Torrance Airport, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, San Pedro, Santa Monica, and South Bay Sunrise sponsored the symphonic multi-media presentation, “Winds of Freedom” at the beautifully restored Art Deco, Hermosa Beach Community Theatre.
In partnership with Peace One Day and Winds of Freedom Foundation our South Bay Rotary Clubs joined forces to show the creation of Alex Azin that celebrates life, teaches history, inspires peace and hopes for a better future.
Ronald Day
December 6, 1936 - September 3, 2017
Ron Day passed away last Sunday evening from pancreatic cancer. Sponsored by his father, Foster Day, Ron joined Redondo Beach Rotary Club in January 1960.   He was a past president of the club and a wonderful Rotarian, brother, husband, father, grandfather and friend and we shall miss him!
The funeral services for Ron will be held on Saturday, September 9th, at 2PM at the First United Methodist Church, 243 So. Broadway, Redondo Beach, CA. 
Visitation will be from 6:30 until 9:00PM on Friday, September 8th, at the White and Day Center, 901 Torrance Blvd., Redondo Beach. 

Sylvia Hill 

Sylvia Hill was inducted as a new member. Welcome!









Erick Golub

Speaker Eric Golub has made a career attempting to diffuse tense situations with humor. Self-styled as “the country’s preeminent politically conservative comedian”, Golub tours the country with his brand conservatively-leaning of humor.

“I try to make the most controversial topics uncontroversial,” the Brooklyn native and author of four books explained. “It shouldn’t take a hurricane to let us know we love each other,” Golub said in reference to Hurricane Harvey, which has been pummeling the Texas and Louisa coast this past week.

Golub likes to place himself right at the center of conflict and find whatever common ground may be there. Golub attends political protests and rallies to hopefully spread love through laughter. He often likes to bring dance music wherever he goes, because who can really remain that angry when great music is making you dance?

Golub has the following advice to end hate in this country: “Spread love and laughter. Don’t make mistakes that will take a long time to heal. And be good to children.”


Whatever one’s political leanings, these are bits of wisdom on which we can all agree.

Karen Weigel reported on the club’s recent Vision-to-Learn project. “We had 19 Rotarians to assist, screened 250 students and sent 94 for further screening by professional eyecare specialists. We received lots of thanks from our partners the RBUSD and the Beach Cities Health District who told us they want us to do this program again next year.”

Visitors included special guest Sylvia Hill; Moe Isono, our exchange student from Japan;

and Ed Burzminski, Chamber Marketing Partners, Inc. of Redondo Beach.

Our guest speaker this week was Mike Lansing, Executive Director of Boys and Girls Clubs of Los Angeles Harbor. His topic: “Building Successful Futures in the Harbor.”

In 1995, Mike became executive director of the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Pedro and eventually the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Los Angeles Harbor when the struggling Wilmington Boys & Girls Club was merged in with the San Pedro organization. 

Noting that one in five youth are in poverty, he explained the Boys & Girls Club of LA serves now 2,200 kids daily.  “We have 13 sites in our area of Wilmington, San Pedro and the Port of Los Angeles. 

Our objective, he said, is a “place where young people have a better opportunity then they were born into… We are an after-school program for kids in K9–K12.” Under Mike’s leadership, the Boys & Girls Club of Los Angeles was instrumental in the development of comprehensive youth development programs including an “Arts Academy” and a “College Bound” program.

We focus on academics, arts and athletics, he said. In academics, we provide education in STEM studies. In arts, we focus on fine arts and on digital arts.  In dance and music, we offer from hip-hop to ballet and instrumental to voice training. Our athletic program offers leagues in basketball, soccer, flag football and golf.

More than 15,000 students have graduated from the program since 2002, he said “and this year 600 kids graduated from our program. That compares to 30 kids graduating in the first year of our existence.”

Following today’s lunch several Rotarians stuffed 250 backpacks with school supplies for students; these backpacks will be distributed Friday at the Salvation Army and at the RBPD Domestic Violence Advocacy Program.

Dave Whitehead won today’s raffle but alas, did not pick the winning marble and only received ten bucks.  Better luck next time, Dave.

We will meet at Salvation Army immediately following the Wednesday 8/23 luncheon to stuff about 250 backpacks with school supplies.  We need a minimum of 10 volunteers, there will be a sign up sheet or contact George Schane.
One out of every four children has a vision problem. Now, couple that statistic with this one: 80% of learning happens within the first 12 years of life. Finally, look around any school: Are a quarter of the children wearing eyeglasses?
Very often the expense an eye exam and the cost of prescription eyeglasses is standing between a child and his opportunity to get as much as he can out of his education. Vision to Learn is an organization, which provides free eye exams to all to school children throughout Southern California. If Vision to Learn discovers that a child needs corrective eyewear, families are notified. For families in need, Vision to Learn provides the eyeglasses free of charge.
The Rotary Club of Redondo Beach has partnered with Vision to Learn, Beach Cities Health District and Redondo Unified School District to give eye exams to Redondo Beach children at our area schools. This past Wednesday, Vision to Learn rolled in three mobile vision screening units–vans decked out in state-of-the-art eye examining equipment–to the South Bay Adult Learning Center. Families who qualify under the free lunch program were notified of their eligibility to receive a free eye exam, and if needed, a free pair of eyeglasses. Redondo Beach Rotarians aided the effort my giving initial exams and assisting with coordination.
Over 255 Redondo Beach schoolchildren took part. The goal of 75 pairs of eyeglasses was quickly exceeded and on this day alone, over 95 Redondo Beach schoolchildren will be heading back to school with new eyeglasses and a much better chance at success.
Redondo Beach Rotarian of the Year - Jeff Weigel
Rotarian Jeff Weigel represents everything a Rotarian aspires to be. If ever the members of this club need a large table to meet around, Jeff welcomes the meeting to his dining room. Whenever Jeff recognizes something that might interest another Rotarian, Jeff makes the call. Whenever Jeff recognizes an opportunity for another Rotarian, Jeff makes the invite. But perhaps most impressive is the Jeff’s selflessness in Rotary’s mission to improve the lives of others. For some years now, Jeff, together with his wife, Rotarian Karen Weigel, have spearheaded WASSUP, a program to bring clean water to rural areas of Fiji. A water-borne disease, such as typhoid, can mean economic catastrophe to this island paradise heavily dependent on tourism. Dysentery can mean lost wages, lost school days and even death to the very young and old. Jeff, in cooperation with a water engineering firm, has taught the local populations how to construct and maintain water filtration systems. Moreover, the WASSUP program is self-sustaining and is being replicated by the Fijians themselves and includes vocational training in the schools. For this and for so much more, Jeff Weigel has been awarded the 2017 Rotary Club of Redondo Beach Rotarian of the Year.
Jeanne O'Donnell, Senior Program Manager for the Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management
While one might consider a disaster, whether natural, manmade or a combination thereof, to be a singularity, for Jeanne O'Donnell, Senior Program Manager for the Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management, “disasters never go away.” Disasters always fall into one of these places within the “long arm of recovery” cycle: mitigation, preparedness, field response, and recovery. And within each of these places in the disaster cycle, there are a myriad of physical, government, social and economic factors which must align in a highly stressful, uncertain and changing environment.
Furthermore, disasters create battles for the future. There are competing interests as to how to bring “it” back and often, whether “it” should be brought back. “Disasters reveal what others think of you. Recovery overlays ideas of what we should and shouldn’t be like,” Jeanne explains, “Who should say, for example, what life ‘should’ be like in New Orlean’s Ninth Ward?”
In a strange new landscape, where familiar landmarks have been erased and, where one does not know which systems have and will fail, fear and stress take hold. “A strangeness comes over. Disasters change the way we think, feel and act,” Jeanne explains.
Those affected become strangers in their own neighborhoods. It is often the social institutions, like community choirs or Little League games or Rotary Club meetings, which breakdown, as such activities are sacrificed to address more pressing needs. However, it is these very community institutions which play a very important role in maintaining community identity, which in turn is vital to recovery. In a disaster situation, because 90% of rescues are performed not by first responders, but by neighbors, it is community institutions which can actually save lives. When the assistant soccer coach doesn’t show up to practice, that could very likely mean it is because he is in dire straits.
While government organizations and well-meaning volunteer groups mobilize, often priorities and agendas compete and field response can become a “hot mess” of competing centers. Preparedness can help to alleviate stress. The Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management has a great deal of helpful information available and it is recommended that everyone take the time to prepare.
New Members
The Rotary Club of Redondo Beach is beyond thrilled to invites two new members into the fold:
Thais Viana and James Mellert. Welcome!
“We Are The Community – Leading the Way in Law Enforcement” Redondo Beach Chief of Police Keith Kaufman"
Redondo Beach Police Chief Keith Kaufman can count two Medals of Valor as well as a Dorothy Harris writing award to his many accomplishments. Yet, in the field of law enforcement this 24-year veteran of police work ranks changing police culture as one of the most daunting tasks he has faced."
“The number one problem facing police forces around the country is regaining the public trust. The police are the public. And the public are the police,” Chief Kaufman stressed. “I tell my officers, ‘Even if this is the 1000th burglary call you have answered, it is probably the victim’s first. We have to remember that. If it happens to you (the Redondo Beach citizens), then it happens to us (the Redondo Beach police).”
To this end, Chief Kaufman and his officers recently spent three days workshopping a vision for the Redondo Beach Police Department. “We Are The Community – Leading the Way in Law Enforcement” is the banner under which the Redondo Beach police now fulfill their vital duties.
“‘We Are The Community,’” Chief Kaufman stressed, “Three days for four words. But those words, although they mean something different to different people, they mean everything. Those four words are a call to action and make us part of the community.”
“Citizens need to feel that this is their police department,” Chief Kaufman continued, “And the kinds of things we want to implement here in Redondo Beach are the kinds of things that could be applied nationwide to change the way we police.”
Practicing what he preaches, Chief Kaufman has been an active proponent of “Coffee with a Cop”, a nationwide program where police officers engage with the community in a relaxed, non-threatening atmosphere.
In addition to adopting best practices from around the nation, Chief Kaufman is taking the second half of the vision statement, “Leading the Way in Law Enforcement” quite seriously, as well. Chief Kaufman is spearheading four ground-breaking programs to improve citizen safety and make policing more effective.